What is Swing Trading?

Swing trading is a short-term trading strategy where traders utilize technical analysis, fundamentals, and market-shaping events to gain profits. Most Swing Traders typically hold their position for1-4 weeks- this short-term model allows for Swing Traders to obtain quick and consistent profit.

I've never heard of Swing Trading. Is that okay?

Of course, many traders actually haven’t heard of Swing Trading. Because it uses aspects from fundamental analysis, and combines these aspects with technical analysis and market events, Swing Traders are usually in the minority. This is why it’s so important for Swing Traders to build communities of like-minded individuals.

How do you gain profit as a Swing Trader?

Our course will help bridge the gap between theoretical and practical to give you a complete understanding of how to become a successful Swing Trader. Through thorough analysis of current market conditions and an understanding of how to spot technical outbreaks, we’re confident you’ll become a strong member of our community in no time.

Why choose Swing Trading?

With the rise of Day Trading and TSLA calls, the market has never been more saturated with the Get Rich Quick schemes. Our trading method is anything but quick- true alpha is derived from small, consistent profits compounded over weeks and months for substantial gains.

This approach gives us the flexibility to quickly tweak our thesis and test our analysis. The extra freedom that Swing Trading offers is part of the reason for its continued success and its uncanny ability to mitigate your downside.

Once you’re a Swing Trader, you won’t need to worry about the day-to-day monotony of checking in on your positions every 15 minutes. Instead, you’ll just have to keep an eye on the market trends and be cognizant of breakouts in price.

After that, the true mastery is having the wherewithal to sell once you hit your predetermined profit marker.

What happens after I sign up?

Swing Trading Training Course to familiarize yourself with our trading strategy.

Full access to swing trading and options group chat.

Why do I need access to the Group Chat?

With a diverse group of investors, there are always members ready to help you reach the next level.

Our global community of Swing Traders is there to help you maximize returns.

Is this a "Get Rich Fast" Plan?

There are no secrets or get rich fast plans. We want to slowly build up profits over time.

How much time do I need to spend?

Nobody has time to research market plays for 80 hours a week. This is why we created a group.

Everyone can talk about the trades together.

What is the Mission?

Our mission is to provide training, community, and inspiration for investors of all kinds to achieve whatever outcome they desire.

What is the format of the watchlist?

Watchlists will include entry prices, target prices, stop-loss prices, an investment thesis, technical indicators, and any other relevant information.

Are there any firewalls or private chat rooms?

In The Swing Trading Club there are no paywalls or segmented discussions.

Each and every member will have access to like-minded investors.

What other conversations happen besides Swing Trading?

Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Option Trading, Crypto Trading, Networking opportunities, Day Trading, and much more.

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