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What Happens If I Sign Up?

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First, and most importantly, you will have access to our exclusive group chat where our members discuss trading ideas, learn and discuss stocks, and update each other with market news as they happen in real time.

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Second, you will get actionable, high-profitable trading setups based on technical analysis every week. Through this watchlist, you will have direct insight to our views of the market and what we’re seeing in the trenches.

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Third, our training course. Whether you're a new trader or seasoned veteran, you can always take advantage of additional training. Our diverse trading techniques and philosophies will challenge even the most experienced investor to question assumptions and think critically. We have built a method to provide a systematic, mechanical framework to navigate and capitalize on cycles in the stock market.

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What is included?

Weekly Watchlist

If you are new to Swing Trading, then finding the right positions might be a concern. We understand that not all our traders have been doing this their entire career, which is why we pride ourselves on weekly Watchlists for all members to take advantage of. Through our discussions, you’ll be able to understand how we formulate our trades and what type of signals we find the most crucial. You’ll bear witness firsthand to what trading patterns bring the most profits and how you can tweak your methodology around whatever suits your personality.

Group-Chat (~500 members)

You will be provided with direct access to our group chat as soon as you sign up. This access will grant you exposure to The Swing Trading Club in its full entirety which is home to like-minded Investors, Bankers, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Economists, Finance Majors, Small Business Owners & aspiring Entrepreneurs- all who enjoy learning and collaborating about the markets to drive profits and network. This tight-knit, Swing Trading community of ~500 members will help you on your journey to achieving whatever goals you have in mind.

Training Course

Enroll in our Swing Trading Course and acquire the insight, tools, and methods from professionals who have made it to the upper echelons of Swing Trading. You will be introduced to all the ins and outs of Swing Trading including training on our methods, practices, and philosophies for sustaining long term profits.

Trading Techniques

We always promote smart and methodical trading approaches. Through our techniques and trainings, we’ll show you how to make cut-throat decisions and analysis to aid you on your journey. We want to equip members with the tools and knowledge so they can work towards becoming financially free.

Upcoming News & Market Events

Staying ahead demands that you say updated. As we all know, the market is always fluctuating and you can miss out on many profitable opportunities just because you were not aware of market moving events. By providing you with all the necessary information regarding FDA Dates, Merging Activities, Acquisitions, Stock Splits, and many more public events, you’ll be sure to always have your finger on the trigger to jump on a breakout.


If you aren't happy with our Swing Trading Club you can cancel at any time. No questions asked. We want to make sure our club is a good fit for you and you’re a good fit for our club.

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