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Swing Trading Chat Room

You will be provided with direct access to our swing trading discord chat room as soon as you sign up. This is where you’ll find all our swing trade alerts and watch lists. This is where members like you collaborate with each other and share trading opportunities with each other. We’re a community that’s all trying to make money together in the stock market


Swing Trading Course

Get access to our Swing Trading Course and acquire the insight, tools, and methods from those who have been swing trading for years. You will be introduced to all the ins and outs of swing trading including training on chart patterns, indicators, and philosophies for sustaining long term profits.


Trading Techniques

We always promote smart and methodical trading approaches. Through our techniques and training, we’ll show you how to make decisions that aid you on your journey. We want to equip members with the tools they need to work toward becoming financially free.


Upcoming News & Market Events

Staying ahead demands that you stay updated. As we all know, the market is always fluctuating and you can miss out on many profitable opportunities just because you were not aware of market-moving events. By being in our community, you improve your odds of being aware when events like this are coming so you can be prepared for how to profit from them. These types of events include Fed speeches, FDA release dates, mergers and acquisitions, stock splits, and more. As you get immersed in the ecosystem, you will improve your understanding of these events and how to respond to them.


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You can cancel at any time to stop any future recurring payments. We have a button that makes it as easy as one click to cancel.