Swing Trade Alerts

Swing Trade Alerts

One of the key features of our service at the Swing Trading Club is our swing trade alerts. Those alerts come from our discord chat room.

Everyone who joins the Swing Trading Club gets full access to our chat room and swing trade alerts. Members of our community are the ones who post the trades that get alerted.

We have members who have been trading for years and who know swing trading strategies inside out. We have trade alerts for both stocks and options trades.

Also, some of our members subscribe to other popular swing trade alert services, which means that our chat room has a lot of sources of trading intelligence.


Format of Our Swing Trade Alerts

The trade alerts comes through discord. If you aren’t familiar with discord, don’t worry! It’s simply a type of chat room. We have a tutorial that shows exactly how to get started with our discord chat room and also how to ensure your alerts are enabled.

The actual alert itself for each swing trade will be based on the settings you configure with our discord chat room. You can get audible sounds from your device each time someone posts a new trade alert. You can also get emails.

Another cool thing about our swing trade alerts is that you can turn them on or off as needed. If you don’t want to be getting alerts at particular times of the day, it’s easy to turn them off.

Here are examples of what the trade alerts look like:

Some of the terminology in these trade alerts may seem foreign to you right now, but we have tutorials that explain exactly how to understand these trade alerts. Most people get through the learning curve pretty quickly.

Some members post trade alerts that have a lot of description for each swing trade. Some members post trade alerts that don’t have an explanation and require you to rely on your own knowledge of swing trade indicators and patterns. Every member gets access to our swing trading course that teaches all the trading strategies we know and use.

What you’ll find if you join is that you might gravitate toward trade alerts posted by particular members. Every trader is different and you can find the traders who match your trading style and focus just on their alerts.


How to Use Our Swing Trade Alerts

With trade alerts, you’re finding out about the trade after someone else has already gotten into the trade. So that means you typically need to decide quickly whether you want to take action (although most swing trades last 1-4 weeks so in the big scheme of things it probably doesn’t have to be that much of a rush).

After getting the alert, you can review the exact trade that was posted. You can see what was written about it in our discord chat, and you can look at the chart for yourself in your trading platform.

For example, if the trade posted was for Home Depot stock (which has the ticker symbol “HD”, as shown in the screenshot above), then you can pull up the chart for HD in your trading platform and see if you like the trade setup.

If you like the trade setup, you can then go in and buy the stock or option, and then determine what your exit strategy will be.

If you don’t want to learn the trade strategies yourself, you can strictly follow trade alerts where the member posts all the details (like entry price, profit target, and stoploss). That takes the guesswork out of it and makes for quick decisions that don’t take a lot of time.

The goal of our swing trade alerts is for all the members of the community to make money. That’s the key reason we’re all here.

One of the side benefits of signing up and getting our trade alerts is that you join a community of like-minded investors. Our group’s mindset is to support each other so that we all succeed.

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