Finding Stocks to Swing Trade

Finding Stocks to Swing Trade

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • Finding Stocks to Swing Trade
  • Find Stocks to Swing Trade Using Technical Analysis
  • Find Stocks to Swing Trade Using News Events
  • Find Stocks to Swing Trade Using Fundamental Analysis
  • Using Stock Picks as a Swing Trader
  • Watch List for Swing Trading
  • Joining the The Swing Trading Club

Swing trading is a type of short-term trading that is based on technical analysis of price charts. The key principle of swing trading is to look for price “swings” or “legs” within a larger trend. These swings provide opportunities to enter and exit trades at favorable prices.

When it comes to swing trading, one of the most important things you need to do is find the right stocks. After all, if you're going to be holding a stock for a short period, you need to make sure it has the potential to make big moves.

So if you’re trying to find stocks to swing trade, then you’re basically asking the million dollar question, because if you know that, then you should be able to make a profit.


Find Stocks to Swing Trade Using Technical Analysis

There are a number of different ways to find stocks to swing trade. One of the most popular methods is to use technical analysis. This involves looking at charts to identify stocks that are making bullish or bearish chart patterns.

Bullish chart patterns are ones that indicate the stock might have good odds of increasing in price. Bearing chart patterns are the opposite. They indicate the stock might have good odds of going down in price.

If you can learn to spot these patterns on charts, then that will help you identify which stocks to swing trade, and how exactly to manage your trade.

These are things we teach here in our swing trading course. We teach all the core patterns we like to use as well as when to enter the trade and when to exit.

For only $19 per month, it’s a pretty affordable way to get up to speed and get an education on how to find stocks to swing trade.


Find Stocks to Swing Trade Using News Events

Another popular method for finding stocks to swing trade is to use news events.

For example, if a company is about to release earnings, that could be a good time to buy or sell the stock. Or if it was just announced that a company is under investigation for some reason, that could provide an opportunity for swing trading.

One way to find these stocks is to join our swing trading discord chat room. It’s included as part of our service. The members of our chat room regularly call out news-related events that could affect particular stocks’ prices.

It’s a great way to identify which stocks to swing trade in a way that’s timely. You can even get alerts for each trade that gets posted in the chat.


Find Stocks to Swing Trade Using Fundamental Analysis

You can also use fundamental analysis to find stocks to swing trade. This involves looking at a company's financials to see if it is undervalued or overvalued.

This is typically best for swing traders who are ok with holding on to the stock for a longer period. We’re not talking about a long term investment per se (holding it for years), but trades like this could definitely last for months.

Finding stocks to swing trade by using fundamental analysis is one of the less popular approaches. It comes up sometimes in our chat room here, but not very often.


Stock Picks as a Swing Trader

Swing trading is a short-term trading strategy that can be used to trade various securities, including stocks. One key to swing trading is to identify the market's overall trend and then look for stocks that are trading in a similar direction.

Essentially what you are doing is coming up with a list of your swing trading stock picks. You’re trying to find the stocks that have the best odds of profitability for a swing trade. That’s one of the things we try to help members with here at the Swing Trading Club.

Once you have a list of potential stocks, it's important to do your own research. This includes looking at the company's financials, news, and charts. By doing your own research, you can get a better idea of which stocks are worth swing trading.

When swing trading, it is important to use technical analysis to identify potential entry and exit points. Some common technical indicators that can be used include moving averages, support and resistance levels, and momentum indicators like RSI and MACD.

One of the most important things to remember when swing trading is to keep your emotions in check. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of a trade, but it is important to stick to your plan and not let your emotions influence your decisions.

If you are new to swing trading, starting with small position sizes and gradually increasing your position size as you become more comfortable with the strategy is important. It is also important to have a solid risk management plan in place to protect your capital.

Swing trading can be a great way to generate profits in the stock market. However, it is important to remember that risk is involved, and you can lose money if you don't stick to your plan.


Watch List for Swing Trading

Swing trading is all about taking advantage of price movements in the market. By identifying stocks in a strong uptrend or downtrend, swing traders can capture profits by riding the wave of momentum.

The key to swing trading is to find stocks in a strong trend, then entering and exiting trades at the right time. This can be difficult to do if you are new to the markets, but luckily there are a number of resources available that can help you.

One such resource is a swing trade watch list. It’s a list of stocks that are in a strong uptrend or downtrend and that someone thinks are likely to continue moving in that direction.

And in our chat room, we feature these kinds of watch lists. They allow you to review different stocks to swing trade before the trade even occurs.

By using any of the swing trade watch lists we feature, you can identify stocks that you feel are worth trading. And then at that point, you are effectively creating your own watch list.

Aside from looking at other peoples’ watch lists in the group, you can also learn the swing trading strategies we teach and then look in your trading platform for stocks to add to your watch list.

One popular method is to use a stock screener. Stock screeners allow you to filter stocks based on a number of different criteria, and many trading platforms have them. You can set up a screener to filter stocks based on particular swing trading indicator values, for example.

Another popular method for creating a watch list is to use a stock chart. By looking at a stock chart, you can quickly identify stocks that are in a strong uptrend or downtrend or that reflect chart patterns that are good for swing trading.

Once you have created your watch list, you can monitor the stocks on the list. This can be done by setting up price alerts or by using stock charting software. By monitoring the stocks on your list, you can know when it’s time to enter a trade.

Swing trading can be a great way to make money in the markets. However, it is important to remember that swing trading is not without risk. Before entering any trade, be sure to do your homework and understand the risks involved.

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